About Us

High Country Construction is a Fifth Generation Construction Company owned and operated by Kailee & Travis Salamone in Silver Springs, NY.

Travis is a skilled perfectionist. He is capable of turning a nightmare project into a beautiful masterpiece. I can’t tell you how many times I have seen customers jaw drop when he unveils his final product. He builds beautiful decks, offering design options that are affordable and possible that homeowners hadn’t considered. He is the type of guy that leaves your house cleaner than when he arrived to demo your kitchen. Honesty is his strongest quality and it is important to him that every single job is done 100% correct and he refuses to quit until that is achieved. For 6 years he was contracted to manage his own crew traveling the country replacing roofs on high security Government Facilities. He earned his Quality Control Manager certificate and OSHA 10 & 30.

Kailee comes from a very long line of construction business owners. Her father owned a very successful construction business for her entire life. Her childhood consists of fun memoires of going to look at jobs with Dad. It didn’t end there- her grandfather was always talking about different jobs he had accomplished and they couldn’t drive anywhere without him pointing out work he was proud to say he did. It was a constant discussion between the family who was working on what and how they were doing it. Kailee earned a bachelor’s degree from Johnson and Wales University in Denver, Colorado for Hospitality Sales and Management. This helped her develop a strong customer orientated, attention to detail skill set. With her knowledge of business and education in management, Travis and Kailee make a power force to start their own business.

As their family grew, with 2 little girls- Aizlyn and Jozlyn, joining the mix, it was the perfect time to settle down in their dream house in Silver Springs, NY to pursue their own business. They are incorporated and fully insured. Going above and beyond home owner’s expectations is a standard and they take great pride in what they do. It is a personal guarantee to offer high quality work and products at an affordable price.

"Supporting local businesses, employing members of the community, and making properties around increase in value are the best parts of being a construction business owner. It is so rewarding"