Update the Outdated Spaces in Your Home

Hire experts for your bathroom remodeling project in Silver Springs & Castile, NY

When you purchase a home, it may seem perfect to you at the time. As you continue to grow into, however, you may come to realize that not everything is as perfect as you originally thought. Instead of searching for a new home to purchase, start a home renovation project. You deserve a home you love, and High Country Construction can give you that.

We offer bathroom remodeling and kitchen remodeling services in Silver Springs & Castile, NY. We can transform any room in your home into a completely new space. You can have full creative control over the interior and exterior of your home when you utilize our services.

Turn to us when you need a little help turning your house into your forever home. Call 585-315-5462 today to get started.

Trust our team to take care of everything

Trust our team to take care of everything

Remodeling the interior of your home is disruptive, but it's worth it in the end. When you choose us, you'll only have to coordinate with our team because we'll handle everything else. We can:

  • Install new flooring
  • Paint walls
  • Hang drywall boards
  • Install appliances

We also have subcontractors that we work with on a regular basis to take care of all electrical and plumbing work. Through our bathroom remodeling and kitchen remodeling services, we'll create your custom home.

We offer exterior remodeling services, too

The outside of your home is equally as important as the inside. By continually maintaining the exterior, you can prevent water damage and costly repairs. If you need...

  • Your siding replaced
  • Your siding repainted
  • A new deck or fence installed
  • Wood features stained
  • Windows or doors replaced

...contact our team today. We're here to help you protect your investment in Silver Springs & Castile, NY.